Are you ready to be a parent?

Are you ready to be a parent?

This is the most perfect moment of any couple’s life… When they move forward from being a loving couple to a happy parent. This takes your life to the next level. Of course, a level which is full of responsibilities, more fun, love, care, worries, not forgetting sleepless nights. It is important that you and your partner plan this phase properly and don’t just rush into this from the pressures you have from surroundings. People will tell you hundred reasons to why plan a baby. It can be your age, their desires to be a grandparent etc. but do plan this phase properly. It must be a mutual understanding between the husband and wife to go to this level.

Here are a few things which will tell you whether you are ready to plan a baby or not:

1- Professional Stability: It is important that you are professionally stable before planning a baby. If you think you are professionally ready to take this commitment, go forward with it.

2- Your wife’s professional goals: Your wife will have some professional goals too. These days even women are career oriented and before getting into this phase you should keep this point in consideration. Planning a baby means a career break for a woman. Sometimes a family is also dependant on two person’s income. Plan it properly.

3- You both have enough time for your kid: Kids are not raised by money; they are nurtured by your love and time. Spending quality time with your kids can turn them into a good human. Ensure that you have the right time that you can spend with them and just not plan them for others to raise them.

4- Are you loving the company of other kids around?: Do you enjoy the company of other kids around? This shows that you are very much want to have a baby of your own. The only thing to remember is that playing with other’s kids is much easier than managing your own baby.

5- You both should be fully committed to each other: It is very important that you are fully committed to each other before you plan a baby. Any step without commitment can be a disaster.

6- You don’t treat your personal life to be different than your family life: There is no or hardly little personal life once you have a baby. Your baby needs your time and your love. With increasing age, this need also increases. So be ready for this too.

7- You both don’t have smoking, drinking or any drugs habit: Any bad habit that you or your spouse have can cause troubles later. It can affect the health of your new born too, especially if the mother smokes, drinks or take drugs during pregnancy. Ensure that you both avoid this as much as possible. Consult a doctor if required.

8- You both think the same way when it comes to baby planning: Baby planning once again should be a mutual decision. It should not be forced on each other. Discuss it together and then plan.

9- You both have seen people managing their babies in the past: Baby is just not a new word to you specially when it comes to taking care of them. In case you have never come across small babies in the past, you should learn more about it so that you are planned and know what to expect.

10- Cross check your support system: After a baby is planned a lot is to be taken care of. The wife is not in a condition to handle everything on her own like before. Along with the household stuff, care for her and care for the new one is to be included in your list. You need to ensure that you have enough support system to care of this.

11- You need to have a lot of patience once you plan a baby: During pregnancy, your wife’s mood swings and later your baby’s needs are enough to put you in a wild mode. You need to be a patient person to take up this role properly and calmly.