Being a Great Parent

Amazing Parents

15 most amazing tips to be a great parent

All parents need to be a fantastic parent for their kids. This process is an easy as well as a critical thing. Reason – We are dealing with small kids who are very emotional and can get hurt over small issues. As a parent, you need to emotional too to their small needs even when you must say no for something. Here are some of the tips which you should try to apply to raise your kids in a fantastic manner:

1- Don’t stop them: Let your kids do what they want to unless it is dangerous for them. It can be anything from doing some art and craft till cleaning up their things. Don’t stop them. Sometimes parents become too protective for their kids. They don’t want them to do anything related to house hold things. Let them do things as this helps them gain confidence and a feeling of responsibility.

2- Spend quality time with them: Parents time is a very special time for kids. Spend as much time as possible with them. If you are a working parent, try to balance your work and personal time for kids.

3- Spend less time on technology when with them: Today’s parents are always found on technology. Just don’t forget that technology is good but not when you are every time on it. When you are with kids, spend time with them and not with technology. They will ask for your time once, twice and the third time they will themselves find a technological alternative which is not good.

4- Keep special separate time for them: You should have times which are for special activities with them. Every day should not be a normal day but some days should be special.

5- Father’s should spend time with them too: Kids still get quality times with mothers but fathers are found too busy earning for the family. This sometimes leave them with no time with kids. Try to find out time every day from your schedules and spend time with your kids. We strongly believe that the kids should get special qualities of both the parents and that only happens when both spend quality time with them.

6- Discipline them but don’t punish: Discipline them but don’t keep punishing them. Kids should not know what punishments are, but they should know what it means to follow certain rules.

7- Love your partner: It is always a good idea to express love and respect for your partner in front of your kids. This encourages your kids to learn the process of love and bonding in the family.

8- Praise your kids in front of them: Some parents avoid praising their kids when they are around. Think about it, you often tell them what they are doing wrong to them straight then why you can’t praise them direct. There is no harm in praising them or talking about their qualities to others in front of your kids, after all everyone likes to hear their praise and kids need them the most.

9- Treat them equally but treat them uniquely: What works for one will not work for the other. If you have more than one kid, ensure that you not only treat them equally but you treat them uniquely. Sometimes parents feel one of their kid is special in many things so they start focusing too much on that one and neglect the other one. This can have a serious implication on the other child in the long run. You need to treat them equally and treat both uniquely. Praise them for their good things and don’t just keep praising one, praise both.

10- Don’t compare your kids: The most harmful things parents do is comparing their kids. Ask yourself a question, Are you like your own brothers and sisters? If not, then why you expect your kids would be same. They are different people with different needs. So, don’t make always an example for the other. This is only going to increase jealous feeling between them.

11- Define Equality clearly: Sometimes parents are themselves confused about the topic “Equality”. They are little more attached towards one kid and they want to treat their kids equally. They start defining equality for that one favorite kid and neglect the other one. Kids feel this but they are ignorant. Define your equality keeping in mind all your kids and not alone one.

12- Read books together: You should always have a book reading time together. This increases the confidence of your kids and it also helps them to start liking an activity which you want them to like.

13- Tell them the truth: If you are refusing them for something or they have a question from you which you don’t know what to answer, always speak the truth. This tells them that they should also tell you the truth even if it is difficult.

14- Give them family values: Pass on your family values, traditions to your kids. Teach them what it means to be a good citizen. Train them the right things and stop them for wrong. Some parents don’t want their kids to cry at all and for this they can do anything they want. Don’t do it. You are only going to raise spoiled brat which is very harmful for the kids himself/herself. Train them for the right things.

15- Keep less time for TV: It is very easy for parents as well as kids to just sit in front of the television sometimes for the whole day. It is easy to raise kids in this fashion but too much TV is only making your kids dumb. Remember television is one way communication and your kids are not going to get smarter by only watching it. Indulge them in different activities.