Peer Pressure In Kids: Saying No to Unjustified Demands

Peer Pressure in Kids
Illustrations by Mark A. Hicks

Parenting is a challenging task throughout the different age stages of your child. With every new stage, you will see new tantrums and new demands from your kids. During these different stages, comes a time when your kids start feeling the peer-pressure. This article deals with peer-pressure among kids below 10 years of age. These kids don’t understand what are the things used for or whether they need them. What they just know is that their friends or cousins have it. This reason is enough for them to act.

How you will know that your kid is at this stage?

– Did your kids ever come to you saying, mom my friend has got a new mobile phone, I need one too.
– Dad, my friend has got a new toy, Can I have it too?

This is quite common among kids. Saying No every time will not work. Your kids will start feeling that you don’t care about their feelings. As a parent, you need to:

1- Hear them out properly and don’t interrupt mid-way. Let them complete what they need.
2- Ask them why do they need that thing.
3- Ask them how will that thing help them.
4- Don’t say directly that their demand is unjustified as they are just trying to copy a friend.
5- Once you had them answer these questions for you, now comes a time for you to think.
6- Take some time and think whether they you would like it for them or you would like to refuse.
7- Don’t reply promptly. It’s possible that they will themselves forget about that demand if they were not serious. Then why to complicate things.
8- Find justified reasons to give if you are going to refuse the thing.
9- Your reasons should be convincing for kids.
10- Talk nicely to them and don’t be rude or strict.
11- If you are going to allow them to have it, still speak to them.
12- Tell them the reason why you will buy it for them.
13- Make sure that you are not making a point that we will buy anything for you.
14- It’s always better that you make your kids think logically.