Potty Training Your Kid

Potty Training

Potty Training is in every mother’s head after their kids are a little grown up. The pressure increases when the parents of other similar age kids share with you how well their kids are doing it. It is important for you to know if that every child is different and different are their needs. As it is a new skill which the kids have to learn, so it’s always better to go a little slow. Normally after the age of one, kids can start showing you the signs that they want to go to toilet. However, most of the kids start going to toilet comfortably between the age of 2 and 3.

When is the right time to do potty training for your child?

Usually it is the age between 2 and 3 that kids start understanding that they want to go to toilet. However, this may differ from kid to kid. Some kids might start early or some can even start later than this. It is generally the age when they can comfortably sit down on the toilet seat and go to toilet. You might need to buy them the kids potty seat available in the market as that is the perfect size for the kids to use. These are some of the signs that will tell you if your kid is ready to be trained:

1- Your child will start feeling wetness in his/her nappy.
2- They want to get rid of the nappy sooner.
3- They understand that they need to go to toilet by either keeping quiet or going to a separate place.
4- If your child is no more comfortable to use diaper for toilet.

Getting Started

To start training your kids for potty, it is important that they first understand the concept of toilets. Even if they do potty in their diaper, ensure that you take them to the toilet for clean-up. In the toilet, try to keep a toilet seat for them which is perfect as per their size. Initially you will be required to help them sit on it and with passing time and experience they will find it comfortable to sit on. For boys, teach them to sit on toilet seat initially. They will learn to do wee while standing later on. Toilet seats give them a secure feeling and there is less risk of falling into the toilet if you use them.

Try to keep some favourite toys inside the toilet which can even be cleaned properly. Teach them to maintain hygiene by cleaning hands properly after toilet use and not touching not required things around. Make flushing also fun for them.

Make them wear clothes which are comfortable to go to toilets. Kids get annoyed if they have remove so much or open so many buttons to go to toilet every time.

Initially when they start, there are higher chances of doing it in a wrong way. Do not scold them and make it a big issue. This might make them feel bad about going to the toilet as they get scolded. Rather encourage them by praising after they are done.

Training kids for wee before sleeping

Most of the parents make their kids free from diapers during the day at an early age but they still prefer to put them in diaper during nights in order to avoid any discomfort to them. However, we cannot keep them in diapers for ever. We need to understand when is the right time to do that. Start by observing their diaper in the morning. If you feel that it is less or not wet at all, this means they are ready to get rid of it. What you need to do is take them to toilet every time before sleeping. To be on safer side, initially put a waterproof sheet below them. Do not forget to praise them.