Teenage Tantrums

Teenage Tantrums

Handling a teenager is the most difficult phase of any parent’s life. So, if you are also in the same boat, don’t panic. Here are a few things which are common among teenagers and you can handle them by keeping the situation light. Don’t overreact and take it easy.

1- Your teenager is hanging around with friends you don’t like at all.

It is a common problem of every parent. They want their kids to be with friends who are decent. Their friendship with anybody who looks too outward or extra smart troubles the parents.

What can you do as a parent: Don’t panic is the first thing you can do? You should not just judge any kid by just looks. Understand the child more, find out if your worry is real or not? One thing you should also understand is parenting is different for different parents. For you sending your child out during night is not what you would like to do but other parents are quite ok with the idea. Don’t judge other kids on those criteria. Talk to your child and tell them your concern. Explain it to them why you are not comfortable with the other child. Give them also the chance to speak and put their point forward. If you are not able to separate the two kids, tell your kid that you trust him / her and you are sure they will not do anything which can be disappointing. Keep an eye on their friendship without disturbing them much.

2- Your teenager overreacts over everything.

They argue over things, do not like what you say, don’t want to hear you. Don’t panic, this is another tantrum of a teenager. Parents often feel why are their kids behaving so bad with them. What they need to understand is they are themselves feeling equally bad inside which result in showing such behavior.

What you can do as a parent: Stay calm. Don’t come to conclusions. Talk to them when they are in a good mood. Explain them your point of view in a decent manner. Be open to rejections and just don’t forget one thing, they are your own kids. You were also in the same boat at one point of time with your own parents. The problems of that time would have been little less complicated but for parents to handle it is equally same. Your patience and love for them can help you come out of this situation.

3- He / She answers back to you and put you in a situation which is like a nightmare for you to handle.

Kids often feel that parents don’t understand them. If you will say them anything, they will answer you back. Possibility is that the words are even too rude. You are too angry on them. Now what to do?

What you can do as a parent: Stay quiet when they are answering back and are being rude. Leave them alone for some time and don’t try to solve the problem at once. This will give you and them some time to become calm. Now understand the issue and go back to them to talk in detail. Make them understand your point but in a calm way. Be open to even discuss what they say. Make them understand why such bad behavior is not acceptable.

4- You are concerned about having to get involved in bad habits.

This is a concern of mostly all parents with kids of this age. For this it is important that your kids maintain company of good friends. It is also important that you talk to them openly about these things. It is the time to be their friend than a parent. They should be aware of all pros and cons of these things. You should talk to them openly about how kids sometimes get involved in these things and how they can smartly avoid such situations.

If you come to know that your kids are already involved in these things. Don’t overreact rather talk to them peacefully and explain them why they should not get involved in such situations. If your kids have aim in life, then their chances to fall in such traps become rare. Pay attention to their every time needs.

5- You don’t know how to talk to them about their puppy love cases.

You were in the same boat once. Kids at this age thinks that their love story is a very serious one and they start losing focus in life due to this. Don’t scold them about this. Talk to them about love life at this age. Tell them these things happen at this age but these things should not make them lose their focus in life. They should not cross their boundaries and don’t try to take advantage of anyone’s situation. What they should not forget is they are still kids and love stories only work once you are a successful person in life.

6- You want them to spend time with family too.

They have grown up and have more time for friends now. You should keep planning family outings and have meals together. This will help them to maintain a bond with you.

7- You want them to be less secretive.

So, become their friend. Secrets are only shared with friends and not with parents. You must maintain a friendly relation with them. You should yourself not keep secrets with them. When they see, you are sharing secrets very easily with them, they feel comfortable too.

8- They want to stay out late.

As a parent, you want to set a limit for them. Setting a time limit is important but it should be reasonable too. Consult other parents and then set a time.

9- They are too much involved in technology.

Parents are too much worried when they see their kids on technology all the time. But they should not panic. Technology is even a need of time. Kids who know how to use technology in an effective manner succeed in their lives.

What you need to do as a parent: Ensure they know the pros and cons of technology. Ensure they are on the right track as per their career goals. If they are achieving well in their academics and other things you want them to then don’t panic. Just help them understand how to use technology in an effective manner so that they don’t fall into any trap later. They will love this side of yours.

Be their friend…. Kids at this age need more of a friend than a parent!